Ripley's Store

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Stout´s Shoes opened on a warm September day in 1886 at 318 Massachusetts Avenue. Grover Cleveland was president and good leather shoes sold for a dollar. Stout´s has been at the same location and owned by the Stout family ever since. This makes Stout´s the oldest shoe store in The U.S.A.

Throughout the years much has changed including state of the art retail technology and up to the minute fashion footwear. But many things have stayed the same including the antique time clock, the original roll top desk, the mezzanine office and the Baldwin Flyer Conveyer system. Another consistency through the years has been Stout´s devotion to great customer service.

Oldest shoe store in U.S.A.

Returning to a Stout´s tradition Ripley, a Blue and Gold Amazon McCaw, joined Stout´s downtown in 1996. In doing so Ripley continued a Stout´s downtown tradition of having an exotic bird in the store. Previously, Billy a green parrot was the store mascot from 1955 until his death in 1975.